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 Offical Rules

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Offical Rules Empty
PostSubject: Offical Rules   Offical Rules EmptyFri Jan 22, 2010 4:46 pm

Offical Rules made by the forum host.

1- Respect other members of the forum - Do not be rude or offensive to
another member of the forum, respect their views and opinions even if
they are different to the ones of you own.

2- Do not discriminate anybody - Do not post anything which can be deemed
racist/sexist/homophobic etc, discrimination is a serious matter and
will not be tolerated.

3- Don't give out personal information - It is not allowed to give out
your own/somebody else’s address, passwords, phone numbers, etc...
This is for you own safety.

4- Do not post dangerous URLs - These include links which go to websites
which involve information about hacking, scamming or other illegal
activities. Not only is it illegal, but many of these sites contain
spyware which can be dangerous to yourself or other members of the

5- Do not encourage other to break rules.

6- Do not post obscene imagery - Posting or linking to images, videos or
websites which contain obscene images is not allowed. If you are
posting a link to a site which contains swearing, you must say so in
your post.

7- Do not post links to retro servers -
This is because not only are many retro servers unsafe to use.

8- Do not bully other members of the forum - We do not tolerate bullying,
this includes name calling or threatening other forum...members.
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Offical Rules
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