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 Hi Hater App for clan

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Hi Hater App for clan Empty
PostSubject: Hi Hater App for clan   Hi Hater App for clan EmptyThu Feb 25, 2010 7:11 pm

IGN: iqueefed
ops: http://ops.warrock.net/showprofile.aspx?p=19670
region: NA_East/international
vent&mic: yes&yes
playing times: everyday after skool if i dont have a sport to attend and all weekends

well a lil about me. im dedicated to CQC mostly but am up for a UO game anytime with friends. im decent at flying, im not no pro by any means. ive been recently playing with harpy and entic1e. i will be honest, i dont know what my plans are for when the new clan system is out, i will stick to the clan if i feel that the enviroment s nice and friendly, all i need is a good friendly mature clan. if i feel welcome i will be glad to stay. im 19 years old, i like to have fun like everyone else, i know when its the time to joke and not to joke and when to stop. i wont be upset if i get declined, i will still continue to play with hi hater when i see em in a game, got nothing agaisnt any of the clan. i was once in hi hater long ago, cuz i let my friend play on the acct when i went on a summer vacation for a month and didnt want my prem to go to waste, and when i got back he had joined your clan, i never new much about your clan then but i told him to leave it. but yea. that is about me. if there is anything else you need to know, my xfire is iqueefed.
well im not going to lie or not tell something

i did buy this acct from a goodfriend long ago.
and my other names was
whtennerdy <-- changed from this to queef cuz of old clans harrasment
iqueefed <-- as of now
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Hi Hater App for clan Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hi Hater App for clan   Hi Hater App for clan EmptyThu Feb 25, 2010 9:44 pm

recruitment is closed right now but keep on getting on vent and playing with us(or against us hihi)

Hi Hater App for clan Xiimphh
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Hi Hater App for clan
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